The Troth Home Pages


Highlander: the Television Series, containing:

  1. Including Kat's Eurosounds - Season 6

  2. The Noah's Ark Site

  3. Fan-fiction and other links

As a main item we have:

Additionally, we have a few other items:

  1. A list of pubs that we like (mainly pubs for families that also serve good beer)

  2. A list of pubs recommended by friends and others

  3. My scoring sheet for marking pubs

  4. A little on beers, ciders, perries, etc.

  5. Bananas, Tractors and other Kids' Stuff

  6. Our recommended reading

  7. A few interesting links

  8. Your chance to contribute (a suggested new pub, or a comment on the pubs listed), or to give us some feedback (comments on these pages, on the weather, a cookery tip, ...)

We hope you will find these pages to be both interesting and useful.